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Awalnya, teman baik gw, Giovanni Prymusa nyuruh gw buka http://www.mypersonality.info/personality-types/ buat tes karakter gw, dulu pernah coba beberapa tes sih, ada yg hasilnya koleris sanguinis (poinnya sama men! ^^) ada juga tes eneagram dan hasilnya petualang, tapi yg ini lebih baru lagi. Inilah hasil aing,

Extraverted 84%, Introverted 16%

Intution 68%, Sensing 32%

Thinking 63%, Feeling 37%

Judging 63%, Perceiving 37%

Jadi, gw adalah tipe ENTJ, dan ini penjelasannya,

"ENTJs are natural born leaders. They live in a world of possibilities where they see all sorts challenges to be surmounted, and they want to be the ones responsible for surmounting them. They have a drive for leadership, which is well-served by their quickness to grasp complexities, their ability to absorb a large amount of impersonal information, and their quick and decisive judgments."

- Portrait of an ENTJ (The Personality Page)

"...have a strong natural urge to give structure and direction wherever they are -- to harness people in the field and to direct them to achieve distant goals."

- The Portrait of the FieldMarshal Rational (Keirsey)

"leader, ambitious, hard working, dominant, prepared, hates to be bored, confident, opinionated, analytical..."

- Jung Type Descriptions (ENTJ) (similarminds.com)

http://www.mypersonality.info/images/clear.gif""Unequivocating" expresses the resoluteness of the ENTJ's dominant function (Extraverted Thinking). Clarity of convictions endows these Thinkers with a knack for debate, or wanting knack, a penchant for argument. The light and heat generated by Thinking at the helm can be impressive; perhaps even overwhelming."

- ENTJ Profile (TypeLogic)

"At work, ENTJs contribute a wealth of energy directed toward the goals and those of the organization. Their sense of identity is closely tied to how they carry out their responsibilities. They are curious about new ideas and theories, evaluating them in terms of their goals. They are very efficient, competitive, strategic, and task focused."

- ENTJ - The Leader (Lifexplore)

Dan beberapa orang terkenal berkarakter ENTJ adalah,

· Al Gore - former American Vice President

· Benny Goodman - Jazz musician

· Bill Gates - Microsoft Founder

· Candace Bergen - actress (Murphy Brown)

· Dave Letterman - TV show host, comedian

· Edward Teller - theoretical physicist

· Franklin D. Roosevelt - American President

· Harrison Ford - actor (Indiana Jones)

· Jim Carrey - actor, comedian

· Margaret Thatcher - British Prime Minister

· Newt Gingrich - Speaker of the House

· Patrick Stewart - actor (Star Trek's "Cpt. Picard")

· Richard Nixon - American President

· Sigourney Weaver - actress

· Steve Martin - actor, comedian

· Whoopi Goldberg - actress, comedian


Juga beberapa orang berkarakter ENTJ dalam seni peran

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) - Kill Bill Vol. I, Jordi LaForge - Star Trek: The Next GenerationPrincess Leia Organa - Star Wars, Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe - Pulp Fiction

Sedangkan karier yg baik untuk orang ENTJ

Business Administrator, Computer Consultant, Corporate Executive Officer, Entrepreneur, Judge, Lawyer/Attorney, Manager, Mortgage Banker, Politician, Scientist, Systems Analyst, Teacher/Professor

Ayo teman2 yang lain juga coba yah, seru loh!

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